First Visit

What to Expect

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by our administrative staff that will assist you with the checked in process and will then notify our new patient coordinator that you have arrived. One of the team will escort you and/or your child to a consultation room for your first visit with Dr. McElhinney.

teenmale2At your first visit with Dr. McElhinney, a Panoramic X-ray will be taken. This diagnostic X-ray along with a comprehensive clinical evaluation will provide fundamental information necessary for Dr. McElhinney to discuss your orthodontic needs and options.

At this visit, one of three outcomes will be determined:

  • Treatment is needed now.
  • Treatment is not needed at all.
  • Treatment will be needed, but the timing is such that it should be delayed until appropriate growth and development or tooth eruption has occurred.

Please contact us at 330-818-7278 if you have further questions or click here to schedule an appointment.

Patient Forms

Prior to your first visit, you will recieve two emails.   The first in an email which contains forms that need to be completed prior to your visit.  It also gives you access to OrthoFi our financial partner.   The second will introduce you to the "Patient Portal" of our website.  From there you will be able to access appointment reminders and photos of your progress while in treatment. Both access points are completely protected and comply with HIPAA regulations.


If you have orthodontic insurance coverage, please bring your insurance identification card so that we may assist you in processing your orthodontic benefits. If you have not been supplied with an ID card, be prepared to advise us of the subscriber's social security number, date of birth, employer, insurance company name and phone number.


Miles of Smiles

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