Nicole A.

nicole albright

Kyle S.

kylesparrThanks for my great smile!

Zachary J.


Amanda G.

amandagThanks for giving me a great smile!

Andrew M.


Stephen R.

stephenrThanks for the great smile!

Nicholas G.


Katie A.

katieThanks for my great smile!

Johanna N.

johannaSmile, Smile and more Smile. That's me.

Phillip M.

philipThanks for a great smile Dr. Mac!

Justin K.

justinThanks for my "Homerun" smile!

Stephanie R.

stephanieThanks for making me want to smile!
My teeth are PERFECT! I couldn't be happier.

Josh R

joshCan't stop, Won't stop, smiling!

Kyle M.

kyleThanks for my million dollar smile!

Emily P.

emilyThanks for making me want to smile!

Juliet Z.


Bobby C.


Alec S.


Julia D.


Bradley D


Nicholas B.


Jackson S.

jacksonThe end result is awesome!

Irtaza H.

irtazah1 Thanks for giving me this smile!

Mylane S.

mylanebMy smile is so perfect.
Thanks Dr. Mac!


jeremy sThanks for the smile. The entire staff has been fantastic!

Nick B.

nickbasI love my new smile!

Jordan K

jordankThanks for the great new smile!!

Andrew H.


Nicole V.


Billy H


Henri H.


Emily S


Emily S

Emil 1

Austin S.

AustinIt was GREAT!!!

Lane H.

LaneH.I love my teeth, they look great


Jordan Gardner

Todd F.


Natalie Z.

natalieZI'm so glad I got braces!
I feel confident about my
smile now.

Katie K.

KatieI love my new smile!

Mario Vince


Ryan P.


Erica B.

EricaBThanks for making my teeth nice and straight!

Taylor S.


Katie F.


Lucas K.

lucaskadishThe braces were worth it!

Lynda C.


Kennedy R.


Hannah E.

Hannah EvanI love my new smile! Thank you so much!

Annie O.

Annie OBrienI love the way my teeth look now. Thanks - A wonderful smile!

Ashley R

Ashley RossYou've given me a reason to smile!

Brendan D

Brenden DagleyNicest office staff!

My entire family has enjoyed getting a smile here.

Robbie D.

Robbie DiPaolaThanks for making my smile even better.

Kara O.

Kara OverfieldI couldn't ask for a better orthodontist!  Thanks for my stellar smile!

Kayla Z.

Kayla Zagray

Maddie M.

Maddie Manning

Jesse D.

Jesse Deleone 2I love my new, great smile.

Justin L.

Justin LewandowskiI love my new smile.

So do the ladies!


Julie P.

Julie PiPoroThank you for making me feel more confident with my smile!


Nicole R.

Nicole RozsaThank you for my new smile

Jordan G.

Jordan GardnerThanks for the pretty smile.


Kylie L.

Kylie LebelI couldn't have asked for better results! 

Thank you for my smile!

Amber C.

Amber CoxThanks for the great care and beautiful smile.

Annie C.

Annie CarrollThank you for making me feel confident when I smile!

Andrea S.

Andrea SciartelliIt's actually fun to get my picture taken now!

Andrew K.

Andrew KarpinskiMy teeth feel a lot better and look great.


Emily C.

Emily Czup

Connor S

Connor Semple

Allyson D.

Allyson DryerThanks for my wonderful smile!

Megan B.

Megan Brickman

Cori H.

Cori Hendren

Dylan C.

Dylan CarlsonTeeth look amazing!

Lauren D.

Lauren DangelI love my awesome new SMILE!

Tanner D.

Tanner Demita

Alicia C.

Alicia CollinsGood job Dr. Mac you really did an awesome job of fixing my HORRIBLE smile! I can't stop smiling now!

Anel Mahar

Anel MaharI was so excited to get my braces off and see the results. 20 months with the braces really paid off! I love my smile!


Emily H.


Brendan R.

Brendan RileyI never really realized how poor the alignment of my teeth was until I saw the before and after photos.  What a difference!


Kenzee S.

Kenzee StoneThey have a fun friendly staff, and I love my new teeth!  Dr. Mac really knows what he is doing!

Sean R.

Sean Riehl

Allie L

Allie LaberI love my smile!

Peter F.

Peter Funk

Brynn B.

Brynn Buchanan

Katy G.

Katie GeorgeYou should come to him. He is very great.

Claire B.

Claire Bauer

Patti H.

Patti HesterI can't believe this smile of mine!

Nina C.

Nina CapatostoWhat a difference!!!  I am so happy!

Scott S.

Scott SnyderI love my "brand new" smile.

Jordan M

Jordon MackayThe difference is unbelievable.

Audrey E.

Audrey EsterleI enjoy smiling 100x's more!

Taylor R.

Taylor RothNow I can smile from ear to ear and be comfortable.  Thanks!

Luke W.

Luke Waters

Timothy Z.

tim Zhao

Emily T.

Emily TrenkaI love my smile, I get compliments all the time!


Alexa S.

Alexa Shannon

Charlie H.

charlie Hruby

Jacob R.

jacob ritzert

Miles of Smiles

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