Brace Care


Caring For Your Braces and Teeth during your treatment is is essential to making your orthodontic treatment a big success!

Almost all foods that are healthy can be eaten if we take special care to prepare them properly for eating with braces.

Hard healthy foods like:
Apples and other crunchy fruit - cut into pieces
Carrots , broccoli, or greens- should be steamed until they lose thier crunch or cut into slices or small pieces.  
Meat on the bone should be removed and cut very small.
Some foods should be avoided completely because they will damage the braces or wires which will cause you to have your braces for a longer time.  

Foods to Avoid-  many foods are LIKE these foods

Popcorn         Nuts and Seeds       Ice         Beef Jerky         Taffy         Gum         Hard Candy

Foods to Limit in your diet
When you have braces, your teeth are more susceptible to decay, so its important to clean your teeth right after you eat especially if you have had sugar in your diet.    Sugary beverages and foods should be limited to once in a while and brushing should follow immediately. 

Brushing and Flossing

Plan on brushing 3 times per day or after every meal and flossing once a day.  Accumulations of plaque will cause the same damage as sugary foods and drinks in your diet.   We are happy to instruct on the proper techniques or just watch our Crest Video.


Unless you have an orthodontically approved mouthguard such as Shock Doctor, mouthguards will break braces. Unfortunately, broken braces will extend treatment time.   We provide complimentary mouthguards as well as specialty guards from Shock Doctor for a small fee.











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