Advanced Technology, 100% Personalized

Braces are generally manufactured for a wide range of patients; however, your smile is just like your fingerprint- there's not another one like it!

The process is simple.   Sophisticated imaging software creates a 3 D representation of your bite and teeth for Dr. McElhinney to create your individual prescription.  The braces and wires are custom fabricated with precision accuracy to your exact prescription plan.  Insignia and Dr. McElhinney use the correct curvaure and width of your best smile specifically proportioned to your facial features.   And because treatment is 100% personalized, patients often finish their treatment much earlier than ordinary braces. 


Dr. McElhinney is a member of a select group who have undergone additional training and certification to provide the perfect smile and best patient care for you.   Insignia is ideal for everyone- from the adult with a hectic schedule to the teen who wants to be out of braces and on with their smile.  Be sure to ask Dr. McElhinney if Insignia is perfect for you.











Miles of Smiles