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Congratulations! Today is your first day of wearing braces. Along with the care of your braces, Dr. McElhinney and the staff want to make sure your teeth and gums remain healthy throughout your treatment time. 

Having healthy teeth and gums is the most important area of brace wear.  It takes a little more effort and time to insure there will not be any damage to your teeth which comes from accumulations of food germs on your braces and teeth. Sugary foods and drinks in your diet also contribute to damage.  By brushing 3 times a day and after eating sweets or sugary drinks, you probably won't have to worry about getting white scars (decalcification) on your teeth.  

We are committed to helping you achieve this goal by providing the Crest Oral B toothbrush and Ortho Essentials program and continued reporting of your progress each time you visit us.  

Please watch the Video below to learn the proper way to brush and floss using the Crest Oral B Ortho Essentials program. 

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